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We provide the Best iPhone Service center at Cochin with best prices and service quality. Major repairs like touch screen, battery, display replacement, and camera problems are undertaken here and we repair all products in a limited time period and make sure that all the problems listed by the customer are solved and delivered to the customer within the requested time limit. All minor problems are also taken care and repaired within the guaranteed time period and we will always keep the customer updated with the information regarding repair and service. Our crew contains customer friendly people who work for the best solution rather than a quick fix. We are also well updated to the latest version of technologies and very much advanced to it.

We always work for customer satisfaction and those prospect customer reaching us to make it the best iPhone service center at Ernakulam. If you find any problem with your Apple products, spare some time to visit us. What we have learned from our experience is that consumers want their iPhone repaired at iCareFon Center since we fulfill our responsibility and do the repairs quickly with utmost care . We only charge if we can repair your iPhone. At iCareFon, we do not like to misquote our service. You can however request an estimate to get an idea of what certain repairs may cost you. iCareFon believes that you should always be treated like our own family.

iPhone Audio Issues:

  • No sound Transmitting issue of iPhone
  • Low voice issues of iPhone
  • Low voice issues
  • Ring and hands free
  • iPhone No voice both mic and camera
  • iPhone failure in mute key
  • iPhone vibration
  • Volume + Key failure
  • Audio amplifier IC replacing
  • Audio Codec IC replacing
  • Loudspeaker IC replacing
  • Receiver volume issue
  • Loud speaker volume issue

iPhone Display Issues:

  • Display line issue fixing
  • No data on display
  • Blank display
  • Blinking display
  • Back light issues fully or partially
  • Brightness issues
  • Display IC replacing
  • Display regulator IC replacing
  • Display back light IC replacing
  • LCD FPC Connector replacing
  • Screen short circuit
  • Sensor failure
  • Compass Malfunction
  • Vertical screen and failure in touch
  • No Display during call

iPhone Camera Issues:

  • Failure in photo taking
  • Front camera issues
  • Black screen up on starting camera
  • Rear and front camera issues
  • Auto focusing issues
  • Vibration during photo capturing
  • Black dots on photos
  • Flash light issues

iPhone Charging Issues:

  • Not charging
  • Charging no response
  • Charging during Power off
  • Unilateral charging
  • No Battery data and charging upon restart up
  • Low Battery issues
  • Battery percentage issues
  • Battery Draining on usage
  • Slow charging
  • Heating while charging
  • Temperature is too high
  • Charging U2 replacing
  • Charging Amplifier IC replacing

iPhone Network Issues:

  • No service
  • No sim card inserted
  • Low signal issues
  • Signal variations problem
  • No IMEI
  • Baseband issues
  • No Wifi
  • Weak Wifi signal
  • Wifi signal icon turns grey
  • No 3G/4G repair
  • Broken Sim socket
  • Network IC Replacing
  • Baseband power Replacing
  • Network draining Rectification

iPhone Sensor Issues:

  • GPS signal issue
  • Home button issues
  • Proximity sensor issue
  • Compass reading issue
  • Temperature sensor issue
  • Auto rotation sensor issue
  • Accelerometer sensor issue