Experienced and professional technicians.

We are a locally owned Apple Specialist center located at Ernakulam, Kochi , Kerala. iCareFon provides Macintosh service & repair for Businesses, Academic customers and Residential clients. We are one of the selected group of Apple Specialists that services Apple products offering Macintosh hardware, software and accessories. We are here to help you, whether you have technical issues with a single computer for your home or a workgroup of Macs for your business, iCareFon offers quality service and support for your Macintosh computer. We pride ourselves in the ability to fix your problem quickly in the best possible way . A member of our Specialised staff will diagnose your problem and recommend the best solution to repair or optimize your Mac. We run bench tests to diagnose the problem with your Mac. All technicians are well trained so that you can be assured of expertise service. iCareFon works as a trusted part of the Apple ecosystem.

Mac Audio Issues:
  • No sound Transmitting issue of Mac
  • Low voice issues
  • Hands free
  • Mac No voice mic
  • Volume + Key failure
  • Audio amplifier IC replacing
  • Audio Codec IC replacing
  • Loudspeaker IC replacing
  • Loud speaker volume issue
Mac Display Issues:
  • Display line issue fixing
  • No data on display
  • Blank display
  • Blinking display
  • Back light issues fully or partially
  • Brightness issues
  • Display IC replacing
  • Display back light IC replacing
  • LCD FPC Connector replacing
  • Sensor failure
Mac Camera Issues:
  • Failure in photo taking
  • Front camera issues
  • Black screen up on starting camera
  • Auto focusing issues
  • Black dots on photos

Mac Charging Issues:
  • Not charging
  • Charging no response
  • Low Battery issues
  • Battery Draining on usage
  • Slow charging
  • Heating while charging
  • Temperature is too high
  • Charging IC replacing
Mac Network Issues:
  • No Wifi
  • Weak Wifi signal
  • Wifi signal icon turns grey
Keyboard issue:
  • Some keys not working
  • No Key board backlight
  • Touch pad issues

Mac Sensor Issues:
  • GPS signal issue
  • Proximity sensor issue
  • Temperature sensor issue
  • Auto rotation sensor issue
  • Accelerometer sensor issue

Hardisk update to SSD
Ram upgrading
OS upgrading & downgrading